ICA SUV 2014 conference

Research archives and data – the Theme of ICA-SUV’s 2014 Conference

Friday 17 January 2014

For the first time the annual conference of the Section on University and Research Institution Archives of the International Council on Archives (ICA-SUV) will be held in France in July 2014.

The conference will focus on research and scientific archives and how to collect, file, appraise and value research papers and scientific data. These records are vital to laboratories, researchers and institutions. Although some laboratories and research institutions understand and apply good filing processes, they might still not think of preserving certain materials and data permanently, beyond publishing research results. Questions to be explored may include: solid partnership between archivists and scientists, researchers, and laboratories; how to deal with huge datasets coming e.g. from astronomical observations, physics and mathematic computer simulations or medical databases; and how to preserve collaborative international scientific projects.


The International Council on Archives (ICA) is an NGO that aims to improve cooperation among archives internationally and helps to ensure the preservation, development and use of archival records.
ICA works closely with intergovernmental organizations such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe, as well as non-governmental organizations, and it is part of the International Committee of the Blue Shield that strives to protect the world’s cultural heritage.


Professional archivist positions in records management and archives have only recently been created at higher education and research institutions in France, while they have long existed throughout much of the rest of the world. Holding this conference in France is a historic opportunity to narrow the gap between French and international archival networks. This event will also bring together interested librarians, research engineers, computer scientists, and researchers.


Big data, digitized scientific data, researchers’ documents, scientific papers or electronic correspondence represent potential archival materials that archivists must be ready to preserve and make accessible. This is especially true in a world where combined national and international research networks are becoming increasingly complex; where scientists, researchers and therefore archivists are constantly faced with new technologies and perpetual changes in legislation. The conference will address these questions and attempt to provide answers.

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